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I stepped off the streetcar two stops early tonight. I wanted to walk a ways. I had recovered from my wild and crazy weekend. I was no longer hobbling around--I could walk. So I wanted to walk, get a bit of excercise. So I walked up a hill fast. I was breathing hard, puffing out my cheeks, looking down.

So I was looking down at the ground as I crossed a street. Down on the ground, I saw a chalk arrow drawn with a double head. Was it the spoor of the Hash House Harriers, or was it something completely different?

I looked up, looked around. I had just crossed Alpine Terrace. I looked down the street towards the lack of 118 Alpine Terrace, and saw the Mystery Machine again.

I stood there a few seconds, getting my breath back. There was a lot more going on at this intersection than met the eye of the casual observer. Then I kept walking home, watching the fog roll in.

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Posted 2005-07-13