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Yesterday, I talked with Griff, who I'd seen at a couple of recent puzzle-hunt activites. Griff used to work at Microsoft. He may have interned there, since he mentioned, On the first day of summer, every intern there gets a puzzle. And it leads to a page which leads to a page which tells you about the intern puzzle hunt.

Today, I talked with another ex-Microsoftie, who said, "There's nothing fun at Microsoft." He seemed bitter. I thought about puzzle hunts. "Well, there's some fun--" I started. "Nothing fun at Microsoft," he repeated.

I hope that bitter ex-Microsofties don't end up rejecting all of their old culture. There's plenty I don't like about Microsoft. But producing elegant puzzles is good.

(Disclaimer: My opinions are mine. An example of an entity that does not necessarily share my opinions: my employer.)

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Posted 2005-08-02