New: Book Report: Giant Robot #37

This issue of "Giant Robot" features interviews with a few Chinese-Jamaicans who were part of the music scene back in the early days of reggae. You want to send a message back in time to these guys: "No, don't let them slow down the ska!" But it's too late.

Oh, and there was a good photo by Takashi Homma, apparently part of some series called Tokyo Suburbia: an empty road past a stark-white painted solid fence/wall, so bright it has to be computer-generated, but of course it isn't. It's just a bit of reality from a particularly bleak place.

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Posted 2005-08-25

 Anonymous said...

hey, you don't want to part with this issue, do you?
i'm doing a doc. on the influence of reggae on japan/etc. and would love to get my hands on this...
lemme know?


03 November, 2005 09:15
 lahosken said...

I already did part with it. Oh well.

05 November, 2005 21:08