New: Book Report: Birth of the Chess Queen

Did you know that Al Gore chartered a couple of planes to help out people in Katrina-smashed areas? It's enough to make you wish the nation had put some more resources at his disposal. But let's not dwell on the world leaders of today; that's just sad. Let's instead think about world leaders of the past, as seen through the chess-loving eyes of Marilyn Yalom.

This book talks about the history of chess and the history of queens. I find the history of chess interesting, but I've read plenty about it; this book didn't add much for me. As for the history of royalty, I find it royally boring. Oh, there's a little bit in this book about the lives of non-royal, non-noble people. But not enough to hold my interest. You might like it, though. It's well written, just on the wrong topics.

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't read about the world leaders of any era.

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Posted 2005-09-10