New: Book Report: the Psycho Ex Game

Question: Under what circumstances will Larry read a romance novel?

Answer: If one of the co-authors is Andy Prieboy. That's right, Andy Prieboy.

Question: Wait, is that a good reason?

Answer: As it turns out, yes.

In this eepistolatory novel, two creative Angelinos exchange email about their past slow-motion trainwreck relationships. Well, there's a framing story around the emails, so I guess I can't claim that it's just eepistolatory. But it's time that someone coined the phrase "eepistolatory novel," so there we are. Now we can start arguing about whether it should be hyphenated ("e-epistolatory novel") or not. What? Oh, right. The story.

The story drags us through the world of the LA music and/or television/movie crowds. But you should read it anyhow. It's sad; it's funny. If that's not enough to convince you to read the book, know this: there is a Psycho Ex Game web page.

The other writer is Merrill Markoe who probably is very good even if she never was a member of Wall of Voodoo.

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Posted 2005-11-23