New: Book Report: How to Hack a Party Line

The "New Economy" wasn't just a snake-oil story to extract venture capital money from gullible investors. It was also a snake-oil story to convince newly-wealthy tech CEOs to give lots of money to Political Action Committees. This book tells the story of Wade Randlett, TechNet, and the 2000 Gore campaign, and how they conned dozens of Silicon Valley luminaries into donating large piles of money to the Democratic Party.

This book should make everyone angry. Democrats can be angry that these bozos tried to hijack their party. Republicans can be angry that so much sweet, sweet cash went to their opposition. Silicon Valley types can be angry that so much time was wasted on politicos.

This book didn't just make me angry, and it didn't just inform me about politics. It also helped me to understand the power structure of Silicon Valley. Up until a couple of years ago, I'd worked in the East Bay. It's not much like the Valley. After reading this book, I begin to understand the power of John Doerr and Kleiner Perkins--when it seems like a chorus of Valley companies is piping up about some issue, KP might be behind them, pulling the strings. Or at least that was the case, back in 2000.

Sara Miles wrote this book. I should find out if she's written others.

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Posted 2006-03-05

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