New: Book Report: The Nudist on the Late Shift

Last weekend, I was working on an art project. Well, not exactly an art project. It was kind of a fake job application. The competition is fierce for this fake job, and some people are jockeying for position by seeking endorsement from local celebrities. So why not just call it a fake job application?

It's easier to call it an art project, because then you won't be so surprised when I mention that there was glitter-glue involved. This glitter glue came in a little plastic jar with a wide mouth. The instructions instructed me to dab a brush or a sponge into the jar and use it to brush the glue onto whichever surface needed glitter. I don't do many art projects; I had no brush. So I didn't use a brush. One nice thing about a brush is that it has a handle. Thus, when you dip a brush into some glitter glue, you can probably keep your hands glue-free. This is not so true if you're not using something not equipped with a handle. You might get a glitter manicure. And glittering fingertips. And if you drip, you might have glitter-glue on your pants. Back in the 70s, that might have been stylish. As it was, I glad I was wearing pants.

Speaking of nudists, this is supposed to be my book report on The Nudist on the Late Shift.

For this book, Po Bronson interviewed many interesting Silicon Valley luminaries. I'd like to see a transcript of the interviews. I'm not so interested in Mr. Bronson's interpretation. He thought that he got into the head of the programmers that he talked to, but he didn't, really. Unless these were some of the shallowest programmers ever. So I doubt that he got into the heads of the entrepeneurs, salespeople, recruiters, ...

In hindsight, I wish that instead of reading this book, I had spent more time playing with glitter.

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Posted 2006-03-11