New: Book Report: 400 Million Customers

(Yes, I received some puzzle-hunt-related clothing tips in my snail mail. But aren't you getting a little tired of reading about puzzle hunts? It's been so long since we had a book report. Let us now have a book report:)

It's a book about advertising and business in China, written back in 1937. To an American audience in 1937, this book was probably a revelation of the Chinese psyche, teaching them about "face" and feng shui. To someone who grew up in San Francisco's Richmond district in the 1970s, this book was not such a revelation. But it's pretty funny, so you might want to read it anyhow. Carl Crow writes well enough such that you can almost forgive him for writing ad copy that would eventually hook the Chinese people on life-destroying tobacco.

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Posted 2006-04-22

 Paul French said...

Crow did represent BAT and other tobacco companies - finishing the circle he then died of throat cancer in 1945.

13 June, 2006 23:07