New: Book Report (of a sort): Sucker's Progress (more or less)

National poetry month is April.
So I'll rhyme all month! Oh yes I will.

A book not to read if you're in a hurry?
The long Sucker's Progress is by Richard Asbury

Its style is both list-y and rambling;
a survey of U.S. gamblers and gambling.
For many days, it was my commute reading.
Concerning faro, poker, blackjack, and cheating.
I hoped to learn many cardsharps' antics,
But our nation's crooks re-use the same tricks.
If you want mini-biographies, there's somehting doin',
With many tales of rise and ruin.
To me, beyond the year, city, and name,
These stories began to sound the same.

This work seems well-researched, not swayed by bull
As such, I found it kind of dull.
Our nation's gambling? I guess I've seen it.
Anybody want a peanut?

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Posted 2006-04-01