New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, but where will Zorg start?

Yesterday, we of Team Mystic Fish got our collective act together long enough to figure out the time & location of the start of the The Apprentice Zorg game. This was, of course, a puzzle. Or, rather it was 12 mini-puzzles plus one meta-puzzle.

This puzzle is disguised as a list of teams participating in the game. That is not a coincidence. Game Control asked each time to submit a "team photo", a piece of media to represent their team. 12 teams were asked to encode a Game-Control-supplied message into their medium.

So if you look at that page, click on the "team photos" that are bordered in red. Each of them contains a secret message. When you have the solutions to (most of) those puzzles, you can apply those to the green-bordered puzzle. (For the red-bordered puzzles, you can ignore the text on the right half of the Teams page--it's not part of the puzzle.)

My personal favorite of these puzzles is Team Briny Deep's; it made me laugh. Usually audio puzzles make me groan. If I told you why this puzzle made me laugh, you wouldn't think it was funny. You need to listen to the puzzle, form a hypothesis as to its encoding, listen closely, think your method is working, think your method is failing--and then realize your method is working after all, but only seemed to be failing because of a joke. And then this feeling of joy and relief washes over you and you laugh uncontrollably. Oh, wait, did I say "you"? I meant "me".

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Posted 2006-04-02