New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, Even at Big Meetings at Work

Today, at work, there was a big meeting. At one point during this meeting, a bunch of students were on stage--specifically, it was a bunch of Anita Borg Scholarship winners. Their names were projected up on the big screen while lots of folks clapped and cheered. One finalists' name caught my eye: Rachel Weinstein, Stanford University.

Hey, that's head of Game Control for the Paparazzi Game. I think that there's a money award for being a Borg finalist. Let's hope Ms. Weinstein doesn't waste that money on world-improving computer research. Let's hope she instead puts it where it belongs: into building weird stuff for an excellent puzzle hunt in June.

At this meeting, we also got to see the trailer for the movie An Inconvenient Truth plus a bunch of material from the film. It looks like it's going to be awesome--you get to see Florida, Shanghai, Beijing, and the World Trade Center sites all get destroyed. It's pretty exciting. But that doesn't have anything to do with puzzle hunts, so I don't know why I even mention it.

To get back on topic, maybe I should point out that some Seattle Microsoft folks are trying to foster outreach with Seattle's non-Microsoft puzzling community. If you like fun and live in Seattle, you might want to help out with this endeavour. Or at least follow it, and enjoy any fun puzzle hunts that emerge.


Posted 2006-04-07