New: Book Report: My Kind of Place

As a snack on Saturday, I had some hummus on good bread. For dinner, I had some more. I didn't think to put the hummus in the fridge in between, but I thought It will probably be OK. But it wasn't OK, and I spent Sunday and Monday... uhm... reading magazines. I've talked with folks about their uneasiness with their backlog of magazines--but when food poisoning strikes, you'll be glad to have those magazines.

Thus, it's an appropriate time to review My Kind of Place. It's a collection of magazaine articles by Susan Orlean, so you know you're in for some easy breezy writing about some interesting topics.

I'd already read a bunch of these articles, but there were some that I hadn't seen--she went to Cuba. She talked with people about politics, restaurants, baseball, and stranger things.

If you've already read a lot of Susan Orleans articles in magazines--under whatever circumstances--you might want to flip through this book before picking it up. There might not be anything here new to you. But it's all good.

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Posted 2006-05-16