New: Book Report: Strange Brains and Genius

I'm playing the excellent game PsychoNauts. It's a fun game. In this game, you get to crawl around inside the minds of some pretty insane folks. Insane people can be fun. So you might think I'd like the book "Strange Brains and Genius", which explores the relation between genius and insanity. But it didn't turn out that way.

I didn't make it very far in this book. That doesn't mean it was a poorly-written and/or poorly-researched book. That means I was reading the wrong book.

Cliff Pickover wrote mini-biographies of some eccentric geniuses. Then he looked for common themes amongst their madnesses and/or eccentricities. I made it partway through the biographies, but it was mostly stuff I'd seen before. I didn't especially want to read any reflections on the relation between genius and madness, so I stopped.

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Posted 2006-05-07