New: Book Report: Spam Kings

The Shinteki game was fun! But I'm not going to write about that now because (a) I couldn't post it now, since more people are going to play, and shouldn't have their surprises foiled and (b) if today's as hot as yesterday, then i really want to shut down my computer now so it doesn't heat up my apartment any further. Meanwhile, please enjoy this book report about Spam Kings:

We're doomed. The only reason that anyone tracks down spammers is that most spammers are crazy and/or dumb. They accidentally leave their business records on wide-open web-sites. Someone spots the information, figures out who they are, and reports them to ISPs. Occasionally, an ISP shuts down a spammer's account. That's not really the picture that this book paints. But it does make it clear that spammers keep spamming. Push them down, they pop back up again. They can tear down and set up an operation so quickly, catching them is nearly impossible.

Oh, what a discouraging book. Interesting, though. The personalities of some of the spam-fighters are interesting. And how often do you get to read a history book published by O'Reilly?

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Posted 2006-07-23