New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, Even New Zealand Again

Ages ago, I went to New Zealand and observed that Puzzle Hunts are everywhere in New Zealand or at least Christchurch and Nelson. Now it looks like some outfit wants to run a Big Game in New Zealand: a week-long game around Thanksgiving 2007. And they're hoping to bring in U.S. players. Oh, wait, now that I look at the details, they say that the game will last 2-4 days, but that the length of ?something else? is eight days.

I'd love to head back to New Zealand. I don't know if I want to attempt a four-day-long game, though. Or maybe I'm just saying that out of sour grapes--I couldn't finish off their application puzzle. Maybe if I was smart enough to solve that in a timely manner, then my hypothetical team would only take two days to get through the puzzle hunt.

Update: I got some nice mail from the organizers:

The game we are doing in New Zealand will most likely be 3 days which is just a little longer than what is played in the states only because we are doing it out of the country. We couldn't really see asking people to come to NZ for just three days so we made the trip longer so that when people aren't racing across country focused on puzzles, they can really see NZ on their own time. That's why the dates are longer than the actual game time.

We would love for you to play if you would like to. We have had a few teams solve the puzzle for the application but we haven't heard back from anyone that it was too hard. We were surprised to read that you were unable to solve it but glad because otherwise we would never have known. It's just a game and we are trying to have a little fun and not make it so serious. We happen to travel a lot and always thought it would be fun to have puzzle or role playing games in other countries.


Update on the Update: after they got tired of me whining, they made the application puzzle easier. I can solve this one, yay!

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Posted 2006-07-09