New: Book Report: Us and Them

A conversation with my office-mate as I took out my ear-phones:

me: I sure am glad I brought this little audio-recorder dealie along on that treasure hunt game, it made it easy to take good notes.

him: Mm Hmm.

me: But I wish I'd remembered to turn it off when I went to the bathroom.

him: Ugh. I didn't need to hear that.

me: Yeah, see, I concur.

There are some things which are best left unsaid. Which brings me to the book Us and Them.

This book points out that people have an instinct to categorize things; we especially have an instinct to categorize people. This book does go on about that. The introduction mentions the author's belief in the scientific method and experimentation. But the experiment reports are pretty sparse in this book. At least, in the first 100 pages. I gave up on it after that.

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Posted 2006-08-29