New: Book Report: Life of Pi

I only made it about halfway through this book. I found it dull.

I like reading books about animals. This book has some animals in it. But... maybe I'd rather read a book that's all about animals. Instead of trying to cram some animal stuff into a boring story.

Some people who made it to the end of this book tell me that it gets good towards the end. Then again, people who made it to the end of this book probably have tastes different than mine.

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Posted 2007-01-17

 David said...

Yeah, I slogged through the whole book and regretted it. Parts of the first half were great. The description of how deadly a tiger can be was fascinating. But how many pages of "guy on a raft" can one endure?

22 January, 2007 14:04
 Anonymous said...

you guys both suck. you are stoopid uneducated freaks who can't enjoy a novel about much more then "cool animals" it is about religion, faith, perserverance, courage, struggle, and learning. wait... were those words to big for you? I'll use some easier ones. book good. you so dumb. read more. learn. got it?

04 November, 2007 18:25
 lahosken said...


04 November, 2007 19:27