New: Book Report: Shampoo Planet

I attended this meeting via video conference. No, I was not the guy in the gorilla suit. I have never ordered a gorilla-suited singing telegram. I figured that the concept is so wonderful that the implementation could never live up to it. But I have to give props to the folks at Furrier Courier of New York City--that was pretty fun. I would say that it was as much fun as a gorilla-suited singing telegram should be, which is to say, quite a lot.

Speaking of which, Shampoo Planet is a fun novel by Douglas Coupland. There weren't any gorilla suits, but there were other things. Malls. Diners. Los Angeles. Toxic waste. Following the arc of every other Douglas Coupland novel I've ever read, young people living in the modern world realize that they must understand old-fashioned ideas like "love" and "helping each other" to get by. I could read these things like popcorn.

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Posted 2007-02-03