New: Book Report: American Gods

Did you know that "No More Secrets" is an anagram for "Cosmo Re-Enters", and that "Cosmo" is the name of the villain from the movie "Sneakers"? Why yes, I have been staring at Game application materials for several consecutive hours, how could you tell? Maybe it's time for another book report that I wrote a few weeks ago but only got around to uploading today. Maybe this one about American Gods.

I enjoyed this book by Neil Gaiman.

It was a bestseller. You probably already read it. You probably already tried to talk to me about this book and then I stuck my fingers in my ears and said "Laylerlaylerlaylerlaylerlayler! I'm not listening! Spoiler warning! Go away fan[boy|girl]! I'm not listening to you! I haven't read the book yet!" Anyhow, it took me a few years, but I finally read it. I enjoyed it.

I hope that you enjoyed it, too. Sorry about the whole "layler" thing.

(Wow, that was a short review. Why did I wait so long?)

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Posted 2007-03-09