New: Book Report: The Best Software Writing

This weekend has been hectic. I attended a Game Control summit. I haven't listened to the audio I recorded. It could be interesting; it could be white noise. I stopped by the start of the Chinese New Years Treasure Hunt; post-hunt reports say that this one was less suck-tastic than the previous one I visited. Today, I worked on making a video with an unlikely number of Freunds. I guess I'm not going to find the time to write about any of this in the next few days. And my Chicago photos are lurking in a corner somewhere. And.. and... and after this weekend, I think I need a second weekend to recover. Meanwhile, please enjoy this pre-recorded book report about The Best Software Writing.

I finally got around to reading this collection of belles e-lettres. I felt a little silly paying for a book that basically printed articles which were available for free online. Then again, I was thankful to the editor for digging through lots of crappy writing about software development in order to unearth the good ones. So I bought a copy, and hopefully a nickel of royalties and karma will trickle over in the right direction.

Oh, the book. The book is about programming and projects and working together. That "editor" link up there links to the introduction. It also has a list of the articles if you want to seek them out and read them online.

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Posted 2007-03-04