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I have mentioned this before: When I was growing, I spent a fair amount of time with Bob & Kelly Wilhelm, friends of the family. Bob was and is a storyteller. I don't just mean that he can relay anecdotes, though he can do that. I mean: he's a traditional storyteller. There is an art to telling these stories out loud; they were composed and passed along with this delivery in mind.

Bob and Kelly moved out east to the Washimore area. Thus, I didn't get to hear stories so often. For a while, I had some stories on audio tape. I think I still have them. But an audio tape player... uhm, oh whoops.

Now, tradition gets an update: Bob has a podcast. I just found out about it yesterday. This was sufficiently exciting that I sought out a computer with a working sound card. It was worth it. I work with written words; I believe in the power of the written word--but I remember the power of the voice. I listened to Ivar's Tale from Iceland, and the voice was there.

Check it out. Really, go listen.

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Posted 2007-03-02

 Bob Wilhelm said...

Larry, glad you liked the story. Yeah, I stopped stocking the Grocery Story shelf with audio-cassettes and CDs. I have a recording studio in the dark recesses of my basement, complete with Radon gas leaking in from the limestone rock underneath. Perfect setting for telling creepy stories, but I reserve those tales for Halloween. That leaves me with 51 weeks of the year for telling other kinds of tales. Next gig is on the Potomac River and the C&O; Canal on St. Paddy's day -- "How the Irish built the C&O; Canal and the Stories & Folktales they brought with them from Ireland."

09 March, 2007 07:20