New: Book Report: New York Underground

You might remember a while back I read the book RE/Search Pranks 2 and found out about Julia Solis, who together with the organization Dark Passage set up a LARP based around New York and an abandoned subway tunnel. She also does a lot of urban spelunking. The book New York Underground is her ode to the tunnels beneath New York city. There are historically-researched anecdotes. Some of the anecdotes about train tunnels sounded familiar to me. This suggests that there aren't so many of these stories floating around; maybe if I'd read other books about New York's underground tunnels, these stories would all be old.

But I really like the photographs. Are the underground tunnels really lit up like that, or did she need to sneak lighting equipment down with her? The spooky green illumination of the cyclotron on Columbia University campus... But it's not just the lighting. There are the smooth lines of the tunnels, the broken debris on the tunnel floors, graffiti left by trespassers for trespassers. Go read this. Or at least look at the photos.

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Posted 2007-07-03