New: Book Report: Accelerando

Tonight, I bought some ramen. It should have been a pretty simple operation. I was in a supermarket. There was ramen. There was my shopping basket. But it was difficult. This ramen was 25 cents a packet. That's pretty expensive for ramen, albeit cheaper than most things one might recognize as food. I've got a full-time job. Shelling out a couple of extra bucks for ramen was not a big deal. But it was hard to get past that mental hurdle. There are benefits to getting past mental hurdles. That's what Accelerando is about.

Thinking is hard. We should have machines to do it for us. This science-fiction novel explores what could happen as we move more of our brains into computers. It's fun. It's only disappointing when it slows the rate of change in its described universe. I suppose the author (Charles Stross) wanted to ensure that we readers, who still think via meat, could understand what was going on.

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Posted 2007-09-18

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