New: Quechup: Do NOT trust them with your address book

Quechup is a new spam site disguised as a social network. When you join up, they ask for your address book. Then they send invite emails to every address in your address book.

If you receive a Quechup "invite" from a friend, I suggest you ignore it. I've received a couple of them... and was saved from joining only because the main thing that I saw when I googled [quechup] was a lot of apologies from people who discovered that they had spammed all of their electronic acquaintances.

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Posted 2007-09-06

 ark said...

The real risk is people are giving out their Google account usernames and passwords so easily! You're handing over so much information if you do that. especially if you use Google Checkout, you're giving them free reign to buy anything they want with your credit card!

06 September, 2007 10:38