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I don't feel so bad about all those times Susan Ross beat me at Petaluma Game Night now that she's an award-winning game designer for her game Qwirkle.

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Posted 2008-01-07

 Skott said...

There's a *Petaluma* Game Night? I go to the Santa Rosa and Windsor ones... had no idea there were more in the county.

That's pretty awesome though. It's got to be amazing to get your game published, and to get such distinguised awards? That's gotta feel good.

07 January, 2008 12:35
 Jesse said...

Oh! I've played this a bunch. It's fun!

07 January, 2008 14:37
 lahosken said...

I think the Petaluma Game Night used to be a Santa Rosa Game Night? Oh, memories hazy.

07 January, 2008 20:40
 Christopher said...

It used to be in Sonoma (and even San Rafael) when we lived there, but that may have been before you ever came. :)

Skott, Petaluma Game Night is not a public event, it's just a monthly game night that Susan and I have hosted for a while. But if you are interested, live in the area and are a friend of Larry's drop me an email.

Thanks for the mention of Qwirkle Larry! Susan and I found your blog through our automatic weekly internet "Qwirkle" alerts. It's now been added to my Google Reader page. :)

12 January, 2008 12:48