New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, I Get Tired Just Reading About Them

Dave Hill posted his write-up of Hot Springs Midnight Madness 2007, which sounds like it was pretty awesome. These people are outside, at night, in the snow solving puzzles, if I'm interpreting those photos correctly. Oh man.

The MIT Mystery hunt was this last weekend, and there are some fun write-ups. Some I spotted... Gamists Tigupine + JessicaLa. Remote Mystic Fishie devjoe posts about the GC experience. An interview with one of the few student members of this year's GC. Some guy named 530nm330hz was pretty funny. There will probably be more write-ups as people recover...

In tangentially-related news, puzzler Wei-Hwa Huang appeared in Fortune magazine wearing a shirt with a collar. I'm pretty sure that means that you can put him on your start-up's board of directors; you might even be required to.

Speaking of puzzling co-workers, Curtis of Team Snout ain't my co-worker no more. When he announced he was leaving our place of work, I started to say I was sorry to hear it--but then I stopped myself and asked, "Hey, does this mean you'll have more time to write games?" He said other people asked that, too. He was cagey about answering, but I think we can bring him around, perhaps via kidnapping and brainwashing.

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Posted 2008-01-22