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Traffic was bad this evening; my commute was long; I emerged from the bus nauseous. That happens when the commute goes too long: stare at the laptop screen too long while on a moving vehicle, don't look up. My inner ear decides it's going to have one of its moods. I'm stumbling homeward dizzy and grumpy.

Then Yar says "Hey", because, as it turns out, I am walking in front of Yar's house, that is to say the house of a couple of people in Coed Astronomy, a Game team that's running a game soon. So we exchange a few pleasantries.

Then as I kept walking home, I didn't think about the icky bus ride anymore. I thought about

...and I was happy again. Yar, harbinger of joy, reminded me that I have good things to look forward to. (Well, at least one good thing. I'm only registered in one of these games. But you get the idea.)

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Posted 2008-02-26

 Skott said...

So that begs the question: Did you and/or Mystic Fish get an invite? Huh huh did ya? wink wink nudge nudge?... what's it like?

29 February, 2008 11:36
 lahosken said...

Mystic Fish got an invite.

01 March, 2008 12:07
 El Atómico said...

Hmm, my extensive network of informants tells me that Mystic Fish is one of five or so teams that may still have "One For A Friend". If so, Los Jefes would like to be your friend. If not, we'd still be your friend - we're amiable that way.

~El Atómico

10 March, 2008 18:46
 El Atómico said...

Actually, turns out we're good to go now - thx A.!

11 March, 2008 22:39