New: Book Report: The Middle Kingdom

I didn't plan to spend today filling out an alternative minimum tax form for my friends at the IRS, but they insisted. I thought maybe I'd write something. But I didn't write anything. Except numbers. And now I'm grumpy, so I doubt I'll write anything today. Anyhow, here's a book report I wrote back in a happier time, a book report on The Middle Kingdom:

It's another Andrea Barrett novel in which the main characters are scientists; thus, I am a sucker for this book.

How was the Cultural Revolution like a bad marriage? Why do I blame you for my personal problems? (Here, I mean the general "I" (except in this parenthetical phrase, I guess).) What's the difference between a memory palace and a dream palace? This novel touches on these issues, but it's a fun read in spite of that.

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Posted 2008-05-03