New: Puzzle Hunts aren't really Everywhere

I saw a campaign poster for Obama. It read

Fired Up
To Go

...laid out with those line breaks. I'm so acrostically minded that I found it crudely funny. I blame the puzzle hunts. (I am trying to use the time-delayed publishing feature again. We'll see how that goes.)

[Edited to add: the line breaks, without which this post didn't make much sense]

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Posted 2008-05-01

 witort said...

Hey Larry,
On my browser, <blockquote> doesn't
preserve the line breaks; you should
employ <pre>, instead - jon

01 May, 2008 22:47
 lahosken said...

So the good news is that the time-delayed posting worked this time. (The secret to using it correctly: don't try to use a software feature before it has been released.) But the bad news is that I kinda rely on looking at my published blog to make sure that I didn't, say, forget to insert line breaks. Anyhow, Jon, thanks for the timely comment. I added line breaks.

02 May, 2008 08:32