New: Book Report: Scratch Beginnings

Adam Shepard wanted to see if he could start out in a strange city with just $25 and a bagful of clothes and become a "member of society": have an operational car, a furnished apartment, have $2500, still have room to grow... all within a year. He does it, but he learns some things along the way. He makes his way to a homeless shelter, picks up temp work, scrimps, saves. He meets some interesting people, works some interesting jobs. He does some dumb things along the way, some smart things along the way. It's a quick read; you might check it out.

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Posted 2008-07-05

 Peter said...

"You might check it out." So, did you like it or not?

06 July, 2008 15:06
 lahosken said...

Yeah, sure.

07 July, 2008 06:52