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Last week, a few folks headed over to Pete's place to watch the movie "Appleseed Ex Machina", which was pretty good. Pete lives in the Marina district. Thus, this was a chance for me to once again walk the length of Lyon St, from Haight to the Marina, with my camera. I'd done it before, back in 2003, but Lyon St. has changed meanwhile.

Thus, my old "Lyon St Oct 2003" page is now Lyon Street Oct 2003 (and Jul 2008). It includes a graffito depicting a human, a graffito so realistic that it triggered Google Streetview's face-blurring:

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Posted 2008-07-27

 Anonymous said...

Fascinating photo essay. I liked the stitch-up of the laundromat mural/grafitti. Plus the comment on Google's face-blurring. Did the other faces get blurred, too? Seems maybe to me.

You probly know: the fancy house (2003 photo) is now Senator Feinstein's house.

- yer pop

27 July, 2008 20:11