New: Book Report: Daemon

(If you posted a guess about the secret message in the jack-o-lanterns photo, then you were right! Especially considering that was an unplaytested "I have no idea if this is possible" puzzle, I am suitably impressed.)

Busy with work, busy with BANG 19. Things should calm down mid-November. Meanwhile, here's a book report I put together ages ago, I guess I can post it now:

Daemon is a techno-thriller. I read it on an airplane, because that's what you do with techno-thrillers. Daemon fulfilled its purpose admirably; at no point during the flight did I lose my mind with boredom.

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Posted 2008-10-25

 CKL said...

Hmm. Seems like damning with faint praise to me...

25 October, 2008 15:21