New: Book Report: How to Rig an Election

This morning, I'm munching my breakfast, reading Slashdot's feed and I see a name I recognize. The strange part: the name is that of a politico, not a computer programmer. The Slashdot post is pointing out that the USA election's dirty tricks are heating up, citing a newsblurb about some flyers trying to scare voters away from polls, warning of undercover police waiting to arrest folks. The newsblurb quotes Allen Raymond. I recognized the name because I read How to Rig an Election, the book that he wrote while in jail, serving time for his electioneering crime.

Allen Raymond helped folks to win elections. This is his autobiography... well, his autobiography that he wrote with Ian Spiegelman. Raymond dug up dirt on candidates. He spread lies. He worked for the RNC. He saw Republicans doing dirty deeds. He didn't have much trouble digging up dirt on Democrats, either. You might think you're already plenty cynical about politics, but don't be surprised if this book makes your opinion sink even lower. Towards the end of the book, there's something interesting for the security-heads--Raymond used a phone bank to Denial-of-Service an opponent's phone bank. A clever trick--and the trick that landed him in jail.

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Posted 2008-10-07