New: Jack O' Lantern Hidden Message

Pumpkins? This year, I can't deal with pumpkins. This year, I'm leting Hallowe'en slide. My free time goes into BANG 19. Puzzles and logistics, logistics and puzzles. That's plenty to think about. But last year... last year at around this time I went to a pumpkin-carving party. The people were fun. We carved pumpkins. It was fun. Here's a photo: [Photo of pumpkins by Steven Pitsenbarger]

I hid a message in one of my pumpkin carvings. Can you find it? (Don't guess "Who me?" The "Who me?" pumpkin wasn't me. (Appropriately, I can't remember who carved the "Who me" pumpkin. (Hey, give me a break; it was a year ago.)))

In the name of art, scholarship, attribution, and citationship, I should point out that I didn't take this photo. Steven Pitsenbarger did. Yeah, that same Steven Pitsenbarger who takes photos of plants and then develops the photos using plant juices. If that guy were really hardcore, then this photo would have been developed via pumpkin juice. But it turned out pretty well anyhow.

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Posted 2008-10-21

 Skott said...

Death by Morse, what a way for Jack to go!

22 October, 2008 07:58
 Darcy said...

Jack is an awesome pumpkin. :)

My favorite way-too-many-pumpkins photos has to be the photo from before BANG 13.

22 October, 2008 10:04