New: Book Report: Going Postal

Skott raises an excellent point: The diskworld novels also have golems.

E.g., I read Going Postal. I read this Diskworld novel because it's where the puzzler team "The Smoking GNU" got their name. Aha, it all fits together. The book was nice. It was a fun read. It had golems in it.

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Posted 2008-12-04

 Phil said...

"Feet of Clay" is another Discworld novel that contains golems. In fact, a golem is actually central to the plot. If you liked "Going Postal," you should check it out.

05 December, 2008 06:54
 Phil said...

Whoops, just noticed that that's actually the book Skott mentioned. Mea culpa.

05 December, 2008 06:56