New: Book Report: He, She, and It

During BANG 18, I found out that plenty of local goyim puzzlists don't know what a "golem" is. A puzzle required players to recognize monsters by looking at pictures. I thought that was pretty tough--but I didn't think that a golem was the toughest monster to identify. But it was for plenty of folks. Back in my day, nerds were required to play Dungeons & Dragons, and were thus forced to learn the basics of Golemnity. It was right there in the Monster Manual. If you can't bring yourself to play paper and pencil RPGs, you could at least read Kavalier and Clay. If you can't bring yourself to read a re-hash of old comic book publishing industry tales, you could instead read He, She, and It.

This cyberpunk novel features romance, Jewish legendry, and "glop" as an abbreviation for "megalopolis". Fun stuff, check it out. Contains only 80% of typical patriarchy levels for a science fiction novel.

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Posted 2008-12-02

 Skott said...

I found out about golem's through Terry Pratchett's Feet of Clay and subsequent sequels. However, since I was listening to the audiobook, I never had an idea of what they "officially" looked like.

04 December, 2008 13:44