New: Book Report: The Ipcress File

I came up with an idea for a board-game like computer game. The board was going to be a map of the city. And there were these bits of secret info to move across the city. You control some agents that can move info. Or they could recruit ordinary citizens to move the info instead. Folks could pick up info from "drops" and carry them to other "drops". It as interesting to think about how to generate a fake city map, how to choose where to put the drops, how to figure out some "routes" for citizens... But it was shaping up to be a game with as many chores as any Real-Time Strategy game, but without the cool explosions. That's the problem with a quiet spycraft game. Not enough explosions.

Oh, right, my point. Spies. The Ipcress File. It's a spy story. It's a fine spy story. It's nice enough. It was kind of tough to get ahold of--my usual libraries had lost track of their copies. I ended up getting it from Link+. Which seems a little silly since I didn't like the book that much. How did this end up on my reading list?

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Posted 2008-12-09

 mahlen said...

The spy game you hint at is basically complete and intact in Charles Stross's _Halting_State_. Worth checking out (for that, and other reasons).

11 December, 2008 12:58
 lahosken said...

Yeah, I enjoyed Halting State. That book's game was like a pawn's-eye LARP version of what I was tinkering with.

11 December, 2008 19:55