New: Dear Lazyweb: Texas Travel?

My plan to visit USA regions as decided by census data continues apace. I bought a Texas guidebook and riffled through it. I also came up with a new way of slicing up the map, which I like better than my previous way. Fortunately, even with this new way of slicing up the map, I need to visit Texas--so the Texas guidebook wasn't a waste. (With this new way of slicing the map, I shouldn't go to Michigan, at least not until after I go to Texas. I'd try to explain this, but when I explain it to people, they look bored.)

I like the idea of going to Texas because it's very exotic to Californians. I hung out with some of my high school chums last night and asked for Texas travel advice. They said "Texas? Don't." "I read your map-slicing travel plan. It's a bad plan." "Dude, Canada." I'm kinda reconstructing this from memory, but you get the idea. Only one of them had been to Texas--an exhausted stop in Amarillo, grabbing some sleep during a cross-country road trip. I can come back from Texas and tell my friends that I found the Big Rock Candy Mountain, that the natives anoint themselves with orange dye and dress themselves in a sort of "tree-wool". My California friends have no way to prove me wrong. At least, not the ones I've asked so far.

But I'm not sure what to do in Texas. Except that the Doc Porter Telephone Museum has a great name. And Galveston has some maritime stuff. But if Dell, TI, or RadioShack have factory tours, I haven't found them.

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Posted 2008-12-29

 Skott said...

I've only ever been to El Paso, which is hot, dry, dusty, and boring. Whenever I visit the in-laws, we usually leave the city and even the state to go do anything interesting... such as visiting the New Mexico Museum of Space History near White Sands.

Hopefully, the Dallas/Houston area is more interesting.

30 December, 2008 07:59
 lahosken said...

Yeah in Texas, I've only ever been to El Paso myself.

31 December, 2008 15:16
 CKL said...

D and I never made it from Fort Worth over to Dallas, but I always wanted to check out the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

It may be on the border of your designated travel area, but Dinosaur Valley State Park is truly amazing.

And, of course, there's Space Center Houston.

My friend Tim, who grew up in Texas and went to school in Austin, also recommends the Cockrell Butterfly Center, Battleship Texas, and Rice University. Oh yeah, he says to avoid Interstate 10. :)

01 January, 2009 21:17
 lahosken said...

Excellent, thank you. I was having trouble finding things worth doing in Houston proper... until today.

02 January, 2009 13:43