New: Book Report: Security Engineering

This book is humongous! It's a survey of security computer engineering. It doesn't go into depth on any one topic, but it's got plenty of breadth. In areas where I already knew something, this book didn't teach me anything. But in areas where I didn't already know something, this book taught me plenty. For example:

There were some aspects of Tor I hadn't heard about; admittedly that's because I don't know much about Tor. Similarly, I'd heard some things about government clearance levels, but I hadn't heard about some of the devices used to carefully, carefully move information betwen information clearance levels...

An interesting factoid from the more-exciting-than-it-looks world of banking: about 1% of bank employees "go bad" each year. Embezzles something, steals, helps someone else to defraud... One percent. That's worse than I expected. I don't think everyone is squeaky-clean, but we aren't talking about a random sample of the world population here. These are people who got hired at a bank. There was probably a background check somewhere in there. They had to make it through an interview with folks looking for twitchy behavior. They are monitored; they know they are monitored. I wasn't expecting that "go bad" rate to be zero, but... wow, one percent. Does that mean that anyone who's worked at a medium-to-large bank for a few years probably knows one person who's gone bad?

That was some of the interesting stuff in this book--looks at other worlds, not so far from web apps.

It's a big book. There's plenty in it. There's something to be said for a wide survey.

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Posted 2009-07-28