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You know how some people are so shallow that they Google themselves? I do that. I did that today. But this time was different. You know how when you type a little into the Google search box, it pops down a little list of suggestions? Well, my name showed up on the list of search suggestions when I'd typed in larry hos:

I thought things only showed up on that list if a bunch of people searched for it, but apparently not that many people need to search, because... there I am. It still seems strange. I got kind of curious about other people on the list. How about that Larry Hoskinson guy? I just visited his MySpace page, which lets you play some songs by him including the darned good "King of the World". I admit I hadn't heard of him until just now and yet I found myself absurdly proud to be in his "neighborhood," if that makes any sense.

Larry "Hoss" Pearson is a retired US Navy pilot. As I click and read around, I get the impression that "Hoss" is pretty talented at flying, but it's tough to get recent information.

Who is the "Larry Host" that appears below me? Let's see, if I search for him, RipOff Report, scam warnings? Convicted felon? Doesn't pay child support? Wow, OK.

So... people above me on the list are searched for because they do impressive things—make music, fly airplanes. The guy just below me on the list shows up on Gee, I almost feel like I should try to do something to move up the list, get into a "better neighborhood", as it were.

What's your search suggestion neighborhood like?


Posted 2010-01-10

 addisonbr said...

An MMA fighter with the same name came on the scene a couple of years ago; my ego searches have been dominated since. (Sigh).

10 January, 2010 14:17