Larry Hosken: New: Comic Report: Trotsky

It's the morning after the GC Summit, and I'm still feeling inspired. One of the things I'm inspired to do is download a file with all of the Wikipedia article titles. That would sure be handy for clue construction. But I'm not going to download that file now. That file's kinda big I'm on the bus, sharing bandwidth with my co-workers. Instead... I guess I'll post a book report about Trotsky.

It's a biography of Trotsky by Rick Geary. Geary's art is great in this book. You wouldn't think that his stipple-y style could catch such nuance, but somehow he pulls it off. Anyhow: Trotsky, and thus the early days of the Soviet Union. It's a sad story of ideals used to justify central control, of dreams gone wrong. It's a sad, discouraging story, but I didn't put it down. The drawings drew me along to the end of the book and of Trotsky.

Tags: comic politics art
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