Larry Hosken: New: Zine Report: Giant Robot #64

If you like Giant Robot magazine but have fallen out of touch, this would be a good time to get re-acquainted. Times are tight and they're running a fundraising drive. It's a good time to buy things from the store, too.

The latest issue is pretty good! A guy writes about his experience as a sex object at a Project Revelasian social mixer. There's an article about the making of the documentary The Cove. Remember when I was fresh out of school and I went to Japan, I came back talking about a strange place called Taiji? A whaling town where they were still very much into whaling? The Cove is about Taiji's gruesome custom of herding and slaughtering dolphins. It was probably easier to read a magazine article about it than it would be to watch the movie. The filmmakers had to sneak around to avoid getting kicked out of town. They hid cameras in fake rocks so they could get footage. Yes, they used movie special effects in reality so they could show no-effects reality to us, the viewing public. Also, it is glorious to know the existence of Ultra Cider. This zine was a good read. Check it out.

Tags: zine art
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