Larry Hosken: New: Link: California Secretary of State on Voting Systems

I'm doing taxes today. In my California tax booklet, there's a form asking me if I'm registered to vote. That's great. We citizens are supposed to get angry about taxation without representation. So the state tries to make sure that doesn't happen. This gives me warm fuzzy feelings about our awesome Secretary of State, Debra Bowen. That, in turn, reminds me of past warm fuzzies for said Secretary of State. Remember back to that scandal when a bunch of states used new voting machines from Diebold (now Sequoia) that were even less tamper-resistant than paper ballots? You remember security researchers pointing out the flaws? A lot of those researchers were organized by... the California Secretary of State.

So... I'm doing my taxes. Thus, I am looking for excuses to procrastinate. So I start futzing around on teh internets. And I found neat things: California Secretary of State announcements on voting systems, available as a feed or as a Twitter stream. They're both low-traffic; I subscribed.

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