Larry Hosken: New: I am an Aardvark

I joined Aardvark, the social search service where you ask questions and they're answered by your friends, your friends-of-friends, or whoever. And then I totally failed to think of a question to ask. For days. Weeks? It may have been a week and a half by now. Aardvark asked me a question, but I didn't know the answer. (It was about from Facebook API. I guess I could have struck a blow for my fellow technical writers and said RTFM! But I didn't actually know for sure that the answer was in the FM.) I guess I could ask Aardvark "Why is tonight different from all other nights?" but I don't need to hear the answer to that one again just now. I could try asking it if it was the Usenet Oracle in disguise, but I'm not sure if most social-networky kids would understand why that was a funny question.

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