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It's election season—not just in the UK. There's an election coming up in California. I'm looking over the voting materials, and one name stands out: Lowell Darling. He is, as you no doubt remember, the only of these candidates who has sent me email. It was pretty good email, too! It demonstrated keen insight into the human condition and also the level of show biz connections that Californians have come to expect from their governors. In fact, the email was so good that I wrote in my blog "What a great guy. I'd vote for him. If he ran against Arnie, I'd vote for him twice."

I might get that chance. I might get a chance to vote for him twice, once in the primary and once in the "real" election. Depending on what party I'm registered with. (I forget.) If he wins the primary. (Doubtful.) Not that he's running against Arnie. (Arnie's not running.) (Thanks to that other Lowell, Lowell Finley, I probably won't be able to hack into voting machines to vote twice for Darling that way. But that's probably just as well.)

Darling in 2010!

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