Larry Hosken: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, Decaying

You remember how I wrote that Blood and Bones behaved particularly classily on a spaceship-sized climbing structure? That climbing structure is gone now, it's just a big sandpit at the bottom of some slides. Did its swivel break? It would turn around on kind of a swivel. Did kids get hurt? That thing seemed awesome, but seemed like a dangerous kind of awesome.

The Jejune game has you talk to some street people to get some objects you need for the game. In theory. I talked to a clarinetist in a subway station. He used to carry those objects around, but he stopped. People weren't asking for those objects often enough. He asked: "Oh, a girl asked me for one of those just last week; is there a wave of people starting up?" I thought Oh, wait, that's probably Heather and said nope, no wave. No reason to think that part of the game's totally broken; there are other places to get these objects; only one of them needs to work.

Tags: puzzle hunts urban morphology
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