Larry Hosken: New: Puzzle Hunts are Everywhere, Even ****where (and more than usual today)

I [think I] finished off another episode of that Jejune Institute San Francisco persistent treasure-huntish ARG thingy. I guess I should call it Games of Nonchalance. Advertising posters went up recently, and they call it Games of Nonchalance. My parents spotted a poster in a pizza parlor; I noticed a couple on some Irving Street shops. The posters point at a website which is much more appealing than that of the Jejune Instiute. If you look at the Jejune Institute site, you think you're dealing with insane icky mind-control cultists. But that Games of Nonchalance site makes it clear: it's a game.

Maybe word's getting out about this game. Maybe it's the posters. Maybe it's Debbie. However it's happening, word's getting out. Today, I picked up a necessary game item at the boba shop, and the proprietress said: more people than usual are playing today. That seemed strange; it's Tuesday. Why more people than usual? I'd expect that on a weekend maybe. Who's playing? Students out for summer? Outside not-exactly-a-post-office, I saw a trio of youths reading a familiar-looking transcript, another item from the game. But they didn't seem to know about the item I'd just picked up. So there were even more folks playing today than that proprietress realized.

(Maybe I shouldn't have told that clarinet player that there was no reason to think a big wave of players was coming along.)

If you decide to try this game and are also thinking of attending that Steven Gould appearance whose announcement Curtis retweeted recently, be aware that Episode 2 of the Games of Nonchalance takes place in that neighborhood. Show up in the neighborhood a few hours early with a mobile-internet laptop and a CD player and you can make plenty of progress even if you haven't done Part 1 yet.

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