Larry Hosken: New: Paranoia is Everywhere You See It, even just South of Market

When Debbie talked about why she wasn't that enthused about continuing with the Games of Nonchalance, she described her experience as "creepy". And there's plenty of creepiness going on. A few weeks back, I played in a live event for the game. The backstory involved two secret societies in conflict. The players had found a contact with one society. But it gets creepy: during the course of that event, the players found a video left behind by the other secret society. This video was a sort of annotated surveillance of stuff we'd done earlier in the day. Creepy.

Last week, I was on my way home from work and walked past one of the sites from that game. And there was a car there with a couple of guys in there. They were shooting video of the site. So here's where the paranoia kicks in.

I snapped some photos of the video-takers. They're probably just innocent art students. But I guess if I recognize them at future nonchalant events, I'll know to be on my toes.

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