Larry Hosken: New: Comic Report: City of Spies

My parents did pretty well playing the 2-Tone Game. Like, I don't think that the Burninators team needs to worry any time soon. But my parents did pretty well. And as they were walking from the <redacted> to the <redacted> they were noticing some stuff that they hadn't seen before, though they, you know, live in San Francisco. And I was thinking, yeah, it's like that stuff that I saw for the <redacted> in the <redacted> game or the <redacted> part of the <redacted> game. Hmm, writing about puzzlehunt stuff is tough. There's a lot of secrets. Maybe if I'm going to talk about secrets and wandering around a city noticing stuff, I should just talk about City of Spies instead.

This comic is kids vs spies in WWII New York. It's fun. There's an encoding method in there which has a good idea. One of the kids breaks the code in a way that shouldn't have worked. But that's OK, there's something to be said for a fun code in a story. A fun little read.

Tags: comic puzzle scene
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