Larry Hosken: New: Gadget of Intent

The Samsung Epic looks like it's going to be a pretty sweet phone.

(This is a good time to mention: Despite my place of employment, I don't know more about the Samsung Epic than you do. Its abilities, marketing plans—none of that. Not my department. Furthermore, my opinions are mine, not necessarily my employer's.)

I don't write much about gadgets. I don't think my audience cares much about my opinion on gadgets. So why am I writing this post?

Months ago, there was a soon-to-be-released phone that looked pretty promising. Physical keyboard, smartphone-ish features. I really wanted it. The Motorola Droid.

But then the advertising campaign happened. The advertising campaign seemed targeted at men who were... who were trying to compensate for something. You know those ads that sell oversized pickup trucks? Yeah, like that.

I wanted one of those phones, but if I'd bought one, people would have drawn some conclusions about me.

So I just want to say this now, say this early: I like the announced feature set of the Samsung Epic. If, later on, advertisers seem to be targeting a market of, say, kitten jugglers, and I buy one of these phones, please don't conclude that I am a kitten juggler.

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